This year, there is no such exception, so let's look at the newest Android app developer in India to see what features you should include in your Android app to make it stand out.

Cloud Assistance

Cloud support is one of the most charming aspects that keep us peaceful nowadays when customers have multiple devices and replace them virtually every year. Consider the last time you purchased a new smartphone and had to install all the apps from scratch. 

Remember how good it felt to launch each app with a dedicated Android app developer and see that all of your data was saved? Cloud support allows you to use your programs on many devices without losing any data.


Because it was created by Apple, Swift is known as the language for iOS and macOS development. However, Android app developer Mumbai has indicated that Swift might become the first-class language for Android development. 

Swift is Google's preferred language for creating native Android apps. Java now does this function. Apple released the Swift source code in late 2015, allowing Google to use the language for Android development freely.

Swift could be extremely useful for designing apps for both iOS and Android. The first reason is to save time by not having to design two different apps. The second argument is simplicity and the elimination of the need to learn additional programming languages. You may also get pay per hour for Android app developers and local Android app developers online. 

Location-based services and beacons

You get many cheap Android app developer who is interested in using location-based services to improve the user experience because users want real-time data. The enormous popularity of Pokémon Go has only served to demonstrate the great demand for such apps and games. Indoor mapping, retail, marketing, navigation, tourism, payment portals, and other fields can all benefit from location-based services (LBS).

Google also launched the beacon platform, allowing apps and gadgets to function smarter by providing timely and relevant data. To put it another way, beacons are utilized within apps to specify the specific position and contextual clues that help users traverse the world. When your device comes within range of a beacon, it receives updated information about you.

App security on Android is getting better

Hire an Android App Developer who must safeguard the sharing of personal information through Wi-Fi networks, given the quantity of personal data we save on our smartphones and other gadgets. As the mobile sector has grown, so have the dangers and attacks on information. 

Remember the situations where hackers caused a stir by stealing celebrities' personal information by compromising their Google and Apple accounts? App security breaches can sometimes impact our devices, wallets, and even our health. To maintain privacy in mobile apps, app developers are expected to offer greater data encryption and regular security updates.


The use of Internet of Things technology is accelerating to the point where, by 2025, the average smartphone user will have at least six active connections. It is projected that smart homes and smart offices would only be the beginning of the construction of “smart cities.”

Instant Apps for Android

What exactly is an Instant App? Instant Apps were initially announced in 2016. Android devices can now have the option of apps without having to install them. Why do people enjoy Instant Apps? Consider yourself in a circumstance where you are required to utilize a specific app but don't have to install it on your phone. 

If your connection isn't good enough, installing an app via a mobile network may take too long, but Instant applications don't need to be installed to make it work. Instant Applications can be opened by just visiting the website through a link or searching on Google.

Here are some of the benefits of Instant App for you as a user:

• Instant Program works like a regular web page; therefore, it uses less bandwidth than a full app.

• Despite being stuffed with apps, you've only used once, your Android device will have more free storage.

Instant Apps use the same source code and APIs as other Android apps. Thus, there is no need to build a different app version. This means that if you create one app, you may reach twice as many people: those who get it and those who find it through a web search. So, hire an Android app developer for technical support. 


Applications are now produced for tablets, wearables, smart devices, and smartphones. The number of Android-compatible devices is continually increasing, and as you may have seen, apps are becoming smarter. As a result, the best Android app developer continues to monitor trends and share them with you.