Our Leadeship Team

Meet our dynamic leadership team—innovative minds, driving ourvision forward with expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.Discover our trailblazers guiding success

Priyanshu Gupta is a Director & Co-Founder of Androapps Technologies, which was founded in 2014. His responsibility consists of managing all product innovations, Development strategies, implementation, Deployment of projects and the overall team management of Androapps.

Sunny Gupta

Director & Co-Founder

Abhishek Gupta is a Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer of Androapps Technologies, which was founded in 2014. He is managing in-house innovations, business planning, implementation, finance and the overall business development of Androapps Technologies.

Abhishek Gupta

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Amit Pendurkar is a Partner & Business Head of Androapps, which was founded in 2014. His responsibility consists of managing overall business strategies of the company. He also manages our India Bison (Proprietorship firm.) He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University.

Amit Pendurkar

Partner & Business Head

Arun Maurya is a Project Manager at Androapps. With a profound expertise in PHP development, Arun plays a key role in crafting and implementing robust solutions for the company's projects.

Arun Maurya

Project Manager

Pradeep Sahani is a Team Lead at Androapps. Pradeep Sahani's commitment to delivering high-quality results aligns with the company's overall vision and contributes significantly to Androapps Technologies' reputation for excellence.

Pradeep Sahani

Team Lead

Suraj Rawal is a Team Lead at Androapps. He collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, fostering a collaborative work environment that maximizes productivity and innovation.

Suraj Rawal

Team Lead

Shubham Maurya is a Team Lead at Androapps. With a proven track record in project management, Shubham is entrusted with overseeing the planning, execution, and successful delivery of various projects.

Shubham Maurya

Team Lead

Raj Maurya is an Android developer at Androapps Technologies, specialising in the creation of cutting-edge and user-friendly Android applications. With a strong foundation in Android development, Raj combines technical expertise with a commitment to delivering high-quality code

Raj Maurya

Android Developer

Abdullah Khan is PHP Developer at Androapps , contributing his skills to the development of robust and dynamic web solutions. With a solid foundation in PHP development, Abdullah plays a crucial role in crafting efficient and secure backend functionalities.

Abdullah Khan

PHP Developer

Chirishma Merawala is a skilled React Native Developer at Androapps Technologies, contributing to the company's success in crafting cross-platform mobile applications.

Chirishma Merawala

React Native Developer

Our Projects

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